"Outside the present it is impossible to make history." --Paulo Freire


I am an artist, have always been, and will always be. It is how I experience the world, express myself and communicate. It permeates my core making me feel most vividly alive. 

Mexperiences continually inform who I am in an endless dance of being and becoming I am a performing and visual artist, a collaborator and creator. There has never been a time in my life when I didn't dance, sing and tell stories, playing with color and texture, shape and pattern. I see detail and panorama simultaneously.  My creations are spatial, multi-sensory and multi-layered.

I am a scholar, educator, researcher, coordinator and leader. I perform these roles through the body and soul of an artist. The potential within each unique person with whom I collaborate is often more compelling than any other medium.

The journey, a most vital improvisational conversation, iterates: I express interpretation to the world, I absorb what is reflected, process to recreate, and cast my net again. My passion lives in moments when humans connect, collaborate and communicate; sharing views of the world from different perspectives and opening to new possibility. 

In these moments, the beauty of contrast is illuminated. Connection inherent between art forms, people, cultures, and communities is reaffirmed. And a deeper understanding is revealed to describe how singular identities support one another to co-create something new and profound. 

As an explorer sailing the seas of time, the arts are my compass, charts, sextant, and north wind.

Rebecca Ann S. Kirk, M.Ed.works in creative youth development, arts education, and community engagement for Boston Lyric Opera and previously for non-profit arts organizations including Caldera, the Tower Theatre FoundationWashington National Opera, and Jacob's Pillow

Rebecca has nearly ten years of teaching artist experience. She uses her training in performing and visual arts, curriculum design, teaching, group facilitation, conflict mediation, and program management in to create community-based arts programming for youth and adults. Areas of focus have included mentoring mid-career teaching artists to provide curricular support and improve communication with school administration, and designing and teaching arts-integrated professional development workshops for classroom teachers and teaching artists. 

As an arts researcher, Rebecca assisted with a national research study funded by the Ford Foundation, Voices from the Field, which examined the impact of arts-integrated curriculum on teachers. She was one of four dance researchers in an exploratory inquiry project during The School at Jacob's Pillow's Choreographer's Lab. Rebecca was also part of the small research team led by the Arts Education Partnership to build ArtsEdSearch, an online database summarizing exemplary arts education research from the last 40 years for use in advocacy and public policy.

Rebecca has studied dance for over half her lifetime and continues to enjoy all forms of dance. She has also studied classical voice and performed in choirs for over fifteen years including the Cathedral Choral Society in Washington, D.C., the Back Bay Chorale in Boston, and the Central Oregon Mastersingers in Bend, Oregon. Rebecca performed with an all-local cast of Les Mis√©rables in Central Oregon. She has a diverse artistic background including training in classical and jazz piano, vocal jazz, acting, musical theater, drawing, painting, and several other visual art forms. She designed the artwork for Caracolores, LLC and is published in Working with Differences in Communities by Ann C. Schauber, Ph.D.

Rebecca earned her master of education from Lesley University in Art, Community and Education. Her thesis research project, entitled The Nature of Insecurity as it relates to Artistic Identity, included Not/Alone?, a duet choreographed and performed as arts-based research. She presented her graduate work at the International Conference for the Arts in Society in Berlin, Germany in 2011. Rebecca earned her Bachelor of Arts in sociology at Whitman College completing an honors thesis entitled: The Performing Arts and Society: Exploring the Roles and Relationships.

An Oregon native, when not engaged in the arts, Rebecca finds solace in the outdoors hiking, camping, Nordic skiing, or walking along the coast. She is currently lives in Boston. 


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All original artwork and photographs by Rebecca Ann S. Kirk unless otherwise noted. 

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