“All our knowledge has its origins in our perceptions.” –Leonardo da Vinci 

Rebecca created a proposal for an ADULT opera education program designed based on her experience working at Washington National Opera called Understanding the Art of Opera. This program has not been implemented, but was designed out of a need for more engaging opera education programming for adults. Included is also a grant proposal and a sample lesson that Rebecca piloted (pictured above). 

Five community artists designed and co-taught this workshop using drama with people of ALL AGES to help people learn about and appreciate the natural world and build community.  

In addition to designing the logo (above) for Caracolores, LLC, Rebecca has adapted some of the curricula to be arts-based. Below are two for ADULTS.  


Mining the Music is based on a community research project for the First Parish Unitarian Universalist Church in Cambridge, MA. Rebecca created a radio interview script called Voices in Communities as an arts-based response to her research as well as a program called Mining the Music for ALL AGES in the church community.

While Education and Community Programs Manager at Washington National Opera, Rebecca researched and authored and co-authored several study guides to opera for HIGH SCHOOL students and accompanying educator's guides for teachers to create arts integrated lessons.  Each lesson was tied to specific National Education Standards. Here is one example: Elektra Student Guide and Educator's Guide.  

All original artwork and photographs by Rebecca Ann S. Kirk unless otherwise noted. Logos are hyperlinked.

© Copyright 2010-2017 by Rebecca Ann S. Kirk.  

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