"My passion lives in moments when humans connect, collaborate and communicate; sharing views of the world from different perspectives and opening to new possibility." -- Rebecca Ann S. Kirk


I believe in the power of collaboration to transform teaching and learning. Whether it is collaboration with kids or among professionals, building relationships within a community is key. Contact me to begin the conversation! 

Kids learn by doing. They benefit from learning artistic disciplines and through arts integration.

  • Teaching Artist 
Teaching workshops—one day, week-long or ongoing—in any art form, or a combination to address certain skills from classroom curricula to 21st Century Skills.
  • Choreographer 
Choreographing musicals, plays, and children's dance or creative movement classes. 

 Classroom Teachers rejuvenate their practice and find confidence in their creativity to integrate the arts into curriculum. Teaching Artists find support and structure to empower them to collaborate effectively with schools.

  • In Class
Teaching kids in-class while collaborating with teachers in co-creating arts integrated curricula. Lessons can range from one to week-long.  All art forms combined with all subjects.
  • In-Service
Professional development workshops on arts integration for teachers offered during school and/or district in-service days.
  • Private Coaching
Short or long-term coaching to inspire and create structure for classroom teachers to create their own arts integrated curricula.

Short or long-term coaching to support, document and build structure for teaching artists to create visibility for their work and sustainable curricula.

Everyone is creative. They need to connect to their body to express what is in their heart through movement, voice and story. 

  • Community Workshops
Workshops for adults and people of all ages with no artistic background to explore embodied creative movement and voice in a structured and safe environment.
  • Curriculum & Program Design

Creative custom curriculum or program designed for schools, non-profits arts organizations, homeschool or other communities, designed to fit within their unique culture and meet their specific needs.

Leadership in beginning and cultivating partnerships with schools and community organizations to create sustainable arts programming that best serve their shared goals and values.

All original artwork and photographs by Rebecca Ann S. Kirk unless otherwise noted. © Copyright 2010-2017 by Rebecca Ann S. Kirk. 

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